Zephyrus & Psyche Lovers Bronze Statue with Marble Base Hot Cast Figurine Figure

SKU: XN-0774

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 15" x Width 13" Marble Dimensions:13" X 6" Height without base: 14" Weight :23 LBS Inventory : 71X07747017 SALE**
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

This is a bronze replication of Antonio Canova`s statue Psyche Revived by Cupid`s Kiss, first commissioned in 1787. It exemplifies the Neoclassical devotion to love and emotion. It represents the god Cupid in the height of love and tenderness, immediately after awakening the lifeless Psyche with a kiss, a scene excerpted from Lucius Apuleius` The Golden Ass. A masterpiece of its period, it appeals to the senses of sight and touch, yet simultaneously alludes to the Romantic interest in emotion co-existing with Neoclassicism. The handmade bronze sculpture was cast using the ancient method of lost-wax casting and stained with a brown patina finish for perpetuation. It is mounted upon a black variegated marble base with the European Bronze Finery stamp of quality and the artist Canova`s signature. Antonio Canova (1 November 1757 – 13 October 1822) was a Venetian sculptor who became famous for his marble sculptures that delicately rendered nude flesh. The epitome of the neoclassical style, his work marked a return to classical refinement after the theatrical excesses of Baroque sculpture.