Neoclassical Bronze Urn Sculpture Statue Vintage Style Cherubim Chariot Grapes 20" x 12"

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions :Height 20" X Width 12"
Weight:19 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Original

Indulge in the essence of timeless beauty with this remarkable decorative bronze sculpture. It exudes class, elegance, and sophistication, making a bold statement wherever it is displayed. Modeled after a vase, this piece showcases exquisite detail and craftsmanship that is sure to captivate any observer. The handles are adorned with intricately crafted angel figures, while an enchanting angel atop a goat adorns the opening, adding a touch of celestial charm. The vase's sides feature a charming swirl pattern that complements the delicate roses and heart-shaped leaves, creating a harmonious visual composition. Crafted using the renowned lost wax method, this sculpture is a true testament to the skill and artistry of its creator. Signed by the esteemed artist Milo, it promises an exquisitely detailed and unique work of art that will be treasured for generations to come. This decorative bronze sculpture is an exquisite addition to any space, exuding elegance and allure. Its intricate details and striking design set it apart as a true statement piece. The gracefully sculpted handles feature angelic figures, while the captivating image of a man riding a horse carriage takes center stage on the rounded structure. The vase is adorned with charming rose motifs and heart-shaped leaves, evoking a sense of romance and beauty. Crafted using the time-honored lost wax method, this sculpture showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of a highly skilled artisan. With its unique design and artistic flair, this signed piece by Milo is destined to become a cherished and treasured collectible. Discover the allure of this magnificent bronze sculpture, a testament to the artistic prowess of its creator. This decorative piece captures the essence of class, elegance, and beauty. Inspired by the graceful shape of a vase, it is adorned with exquisite details that enhance its visual appeal. The handles feature angel figures, symbolizing grace and divine protection, while a mesmerizing scene of a man riding a horse carriage takes center stage. Delicate swirl patterns adorn the sides, complemented by charming roses and heart-shaped leaves, adding a touch of romance to the design. Meticulously crafted using the time-honored lost wax method, this sculpture is a work of art that demands attention. Signed by the renowned artist Milo, it guarantees an exquisitely detailed and unique masterpiece that will be cherished for a lifetime.