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I really like this painting/sculpture. Perfect for the spot I envisioned it for. Good size, tricky to hang but we always have problems hanging our pictures. It is all metal which is fine with me. Beautiful colors, warm, reminding me od Fall my favorite season. The ballerina looks on the picture as if she was pinkish but the color changes depending on the light it can be beige or slightly pinkish. Very pretty.

Indian Warrior chief

Exquisitely made, facial and hair details impressive, a very nice addition to my Indian collection, overall a great buy. This is my second Indian Bust from this company. I have 10 total bronze bust

The patine was damaged and poor

Poor patine

Majestic Buffalo

The sculpture is gorgeous. Great service. Great quality and service.


The piece is very lovely, I'm very happy I got it.

Excellent Piece, But With Some Rough Edges

The statue is very satisfactory, though I did notice some rough edges on different parts.

Wonderful sculpture

I purchased this because I thought it looked like my gf. I’m very pleased with the erotic statue and the company I purchased it from.

Just as pictured!

When I first saw this one, I knew I had to have it. It's even nicer looking in person.

Just as pictured!

I would have rated it 5 stars but there was a rattling inside of the sealed statue. I kept it. It's a beautiful statue.

Mavchi’s Sex on rug

Great work of sexual art. Well done.

Affordable Opulence

I believe I have purchased 4 western themed bronzes over the years from Bronzhaus . Everyone is an absolute masterpiece!
Bronzhaus has an amazing array of bronzes to choose from so whatever theme appeals to you they will certainly have the perfect one for you.
The website makes viewing their selections very easy from every conceivable angle. The staff is courteous and professional and each bronze is carefully packaged so it arrives safely on time.
On top that, you won’t find a better value anywhere.

Lincoln bust

This is a superbly crafted bronze bust of Lincoln. Supply internationally was also lightning fast. Thank you, Bronzhaus.

Always amazing

Every time I purchase from here I love what I get! One of each please!

Beautiful - Girl with Cat

My husband bought this but I have stolen it from him. It is an adorable sculpture.

Great Colors

Excellent paint work on the parrots. Great value.

Excellent Lady Justice Bronze - well suited for any desk or bookcase

I wanted to gift this to my youngest son in Law School. The statue of our Lady Justice was based on the Greek goddess Themis and the Roman goddess Justicia; dispensing blind justice based on the weight of the evidence. He loved it. The bronze was heavy and lifelike but not too large making it well suited for any desk.

Fantastic Large Bronze Leopard in Acacia Tree

This bronze is a large and quite heavy bronze of an African leopard high in an acacia tree. It is extremely lifelike and makes a beautiful addition to any room.

Broke eagle

Was broke in shipping