Total Dimensions: Height 9'' x Width 14''
Approximate Weight: 12 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
This bronze sculpture captures a typical day seen on ranch or farm. We witness the beginning of a friendship, that forgets the borders of species and embraces curiosity. The saddled horse inquisitively lowers its head to come eye to eye with the herding dog who insecurely returns it gesture assuming a position of submission to its much larger acquaintance. The artist`s craftsmanship skills come through in the powered muscles of the horse and the details of the horses mane. There is a general realness of the language and communication being relayed by both these species. The sculpture was cast using the archaic methods of lost-wax techniques and finished with a brown patina stain. They are mounted upon a black marble base with the artist Pierre Jules Menes`s signature.
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