Salvador Dali Space Elephant Bronze Statue Sculpture Figure Surreal Art on Marble Base

SKU: YDZ-098

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 13" X Width 6.5"
Marble Dimensions:6.5" X 4"
Height without base:12"
Weight:7 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Presenting an extraordinary and captivating piece of abstract modern art, the "Space Elephant" sculpture by the renowned Salvador Dali. This remarkable artwork possesses a unique and striking presence, destined to infuse any home decor with character and sophistication. The sculpture portrays an elephant with elegantly elongated and slender legs, showcasing Dali's distinctive surrealistic style. Its highly stylized design captures the essence of Dali's artistic approach, inviting viewers into a world of imaginative interpretation. Crafted from solid bronze using the revered lost wax method, the elephant's body exudes a sense of strength and permanence. A beautiful patina finish adorns the sculpture, further enhancing its modern aesthetic. Beyond its visual appeal, this sculpture serves as a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations. Exploring the theme of space and the enigmatic wonders of the universe, it sparks contemplation and invites viewers to delve into the depths of their imagination. A perfect addition to any modern art collection, this sculpture proudly bears the signature of the esteemed artist Salvador Dali, underscoring its authenticity and value as a genuine work of art. Embrace the artistic brilliance of Salvador Dali's "Space Elephant" sculpture—an exceptional creation that harmonizes abstract beauty, surrealism, and the mysteries of the cosmos.