Hermes Elegant Male Nude Mercury Medical Caduceus Bronze Statue MD Office Decor

SKU: XN-2277

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions :Height 9" x Width 5"
Weight : 2 LBS
Inventory : 27XN22772072
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

This is a bronze replica of Giovanni Bologna's "Hermes (The Flying Mercury)". It depicts Hermes standing on a column of air coming from the mouth of Zephyr, creating an illusion of floating. Many people believe that the modern medical symbol, a staff with two coiled snakes, is derived from the staff of Asklepios - but that is incorrect. In fact that modern symbol is derived from the caduceus (magical wand) of Hermes, a short stick or staff with two snakes coiled around it. The reason for this may be due to Hermes' link with alchemy - alchemists were, at one time, referred to as the Sons of Hermes and alchemy blended in with early medical practice. He is caught in racing upwards in a winged fury to deliver his message to the gods. The emphasis on refined surface and cool elegance and beauty implicates Bologna's Mannerist style. This rendition was cast using the age-old technique of lost-wax casting and finished with a brown patina stain. It stands communicating the fables and messages of the antiquated gods upon a black marble base with the artist's signature