Total Dimensions: Height 19'' x Width 17''
Approximate Weight: 18 LBS
Original Reproduction: Original
Eagle Dancer Celebrate the Native American culture with a Native American statue inspired by Indian tribes of the past with this piece that depicts a Native American man wearing eagle fur on his back. He raises his hands out to his sides, mimicking the soaring of an eagle and he looks up to the sky in reverence of the majestic creature. The detail of this skilled artisan shows a wide array of Native American dress as this man wears a belted loin cloth, legging boots, a large hunting knife, and the top of the eagle covers the man`s head just enough to observe the twisting of his braided hair.This kind of detail is not easy to master. This piece was undoubtedly produced by a highly skilled artisan. The stern lines in the man`s face let you know that he has not only been through a lot in his lifetime, but that he is also very serious about his mission. Eagle dances, ceremonies and societies occur throughout North American Indian legends and culture. Golden Eagles, the war eagle, were kept for their molted feathers by Pueblo Indians of the southwestern United States. Many tribes used eagle feathers on weapons and head-dresses to symbolize victories and courage or to represent status. Parts of eagles, including feathers, talons, and skulls, remain important in the ceremonial and religious practices of many native American tribes. From wing bones, Plain’s men fashioned the whistles they blew during the Sun Dance, and they considered eagle and bear claws to be powerful charms. In general, eagles and bears symbolized nature’s power, mystery, and majesty. Indians worshiped or revered them across the continent. As an addition to your home or office, this piece would offer a glimpse into authentic Native American life and is signed by artist Fisher.
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