SKU: YRD-344

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 12" X Width 15"
Marble Dimensions:11" X 7 1/2"
Height without base:11"
Weight:21 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Step into the rich cultural heritage of Native American life with this magnificent bronze study of a seated Native American man in his canoe. Exquisite in detail, the sculpture captures the essence of the man's connection to nature, with a feathered headpiece, a bow and arrow, and oars for his canoe. The craftsmanship is extraordinary, and each viewing reveals new intricacies, from the meticulously beaded necklace and ankle bracelet to the authenticity of the facial features. The French artisan Duchoiselle, living and working in the 19th century in France, skillfully brought this piece to life, showcasing his mastery in bronze sculpting. This sculpture is a true work of art that invites admiration for its attention to detail and the depth of cultural representation. The lost wax method of casting, employed for thousands of years, ensures that every nuance is faithfully reproduced, making this piece a captivating addition to any collection. Duchoiselle's signature in cursive on the base not only authenticates the sculpture but also adds to its historical value. It's more than a mere art piece; it's a timeless representation of a bygone era, a testament to the enduring beauty of bronze sculpture. A must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors, this bronze study by Duchoiselle is a treasure that will be cherished for generations. Whether displayed in a business setting or a home, it serves as a captivating reminder of the rich history and cultural diversity embedded in the art of bronze sculpture. As you gaze upon this remarkable piece, you are transported to a different time, appreciating the skill and artistry that transcends centuries.