The Abduction of Hippodameia Greek Centaur & Nude Female Bronze Statue Sculpture 21" x 18"

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 21" X Width 18"
Marble Dimensions: 13 1/2" X 8 1/2"
Height without base:19"
Weight:52 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Greek mythology with the mesmerizing "Nessus and Deianira" bronze sculpture. This exquisite piece portrays the mythical centaur, Nessus, carrying a nude woman on his back. Centaurs, legendary creatures half-human and half-horse, hold significant symbolism in Greek mythology. They embody a duality of chaos and unbridled passion, while also representing honor, moderation, and tempered masculinity. This sculpture specifically pays homage to Nessus, a notorious centaur known for his role in the tragic story of the "Tunic of Nessus." According to the myth, Nessus attempted to abduct Deianira, the wife of Heracles, as he was ferrying her across the river Euenos. However, Heracles intervened and fatally wounded Nessus with a poisoned arrow. In his dying moments, the cunning centaur deceived Deianira, convincing her that his tainted blood would ensure her husband's fidelity. Unfortunately, when Deianira later suspected Heracles of infidelity, she unknowingly used the centaur's blood-soaked shirt as a love charm. Tragically, the blood turned out to be a potent poison, causing immense suffering to Heracles and leading to his eventual demise. The "Nessus and Deianira" bronze sculpture is a remarkable work of art, meticulously crafted using the time-honored lost wax method. This technique guarantees the utmost attention to detail, resulting in a sculpture that exudes grace and beauty. The bronze casting brings the characters to life, capturing the dynamic movement of Nessus and the vulnerability of Deianira. The sculpture is mounted on a base that features the signature "C.Colodion," affirming its authenticity and artistic merit. Invite the enchantment of Greek mythology into your space with the mesmerizing "Nessus and Deianira" bronze sculpture. Its intricate details and poignant narrative will captivate viewers and serve as a stunning centerpiece in any setting. Whether displayed in a home, office, or gallery, this sculpture is a testament to the enduring power of myth and the timeless allure of classical art.