Surrealist Head Modern Art Giacometti Bronze Statue Sculpture Marble Base 11" x 9"

SKU: DS-493

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11" X Width 10"
Marble Dimensions:10" X 4"
Height without base:10"
Weight:10 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Alberto Giacometti, a key figure in the Surrealist art movement, expressed his unique perspective through sculpture, capturing subjects as envisioned in his mind. One of his intriguing creations is a sculpture depicting a thin head and neck perched atop a high and wide mountain rock. Giacometti's distinctive approach prompts observers to engage in their own analysis, contemplating the juxtapositions and textures within the piece. The sculpture serves as a catalyst for personal interpretation, encouraging viewers to explore their emotional responses and formulate ideas about the art. Its thought-provoking nature ensures it becomes a compelling conversation piece, sparking discussions about the artist's intent and the observer's individual perspectives. The thin head and neck on the elevated rock create a visual tension that captivates the imagination. Resting on a rectangular black marble base, the sculpture is a testament to Giacometti's mastery, crafted using the lost wax method. The artist's signature, Gia Cometti, adds quality to this captivating piece, inviting art enthusiasts to delve into the Surrealist world and appreciate the depth of expression encapsulated in this unique creation.