Signed Original Limited Edition Mario Nick Indian Archer Bronze Sculpture

SKU: FLC2-06

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 29" x Width 22"
Marble Dimensions: 10" X 6".
Height without base: 28"
Weight : 20 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Original

The bronze sculptures unique composition, seems as if the entirety of the body is slowly being taken, particle by particle, like dust in the wind. The beholder sees the final stages of this creative erosion before it is cleaned away to obscurity; giving us one more of him look before he is taken back to the ages of times past. The Native American warrior is seen from his right side. His eyes focus on the travel of his arrow just shot like a hawk it's prey. His right hand, pulled back from the release, is attached to his chest. His full left arm extends out in front of him, firmly holding onto his bow, as the body of it runs downward anchoring the sculpture to the base. This Limited Edition sculpture was captured using the ancient method of lost-wax casting and stained with a Green patina finish for perpetuation. The exquisite Native American warrior is mounted upon a black marble base and is signed and numbered by artist Mario Nick.