Total Dimensions: Height 10'' x Width 4''
Approximate Weight: 3 LBS
Original Reproduction: Original
This young maiden sits with a sparrow perched on her arm as she holds a bushell a of grapes in her hand. She crosses her legs in a feminine manner as she sits atop a pedestal. Her dress is loose flowing but fits snug against her bodice and creeps up her thigh as she sits. Her sleeve falls slowly off her shoulder as she turns to pay attention to her new friend. her hair is tied up in a neat yet loose bun and she wear a headband to keep her hair in place. She has soft facial features and delicate fingers and toes. She is in a relaxed state and lost in a world all her own, she sings a sweet song as her sparrow friend listens to the sweet melodies she sings. Behind her a large grape vine grows in an arch around the pedestal giving dimension and depth to this fine bronze figurine. This sculpture is a classy yet simple way to add a touch of charm to your home, office, or studio. This sculpture was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and has a light brown patina with touches of gold highlights. This sculpture is handmade and 100% bronze and is mounted on a black marble base. this sculpture is signed Nick.
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Product Code: EP-625
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