Signed Large African Elephant Safari Bronze Sculpture Marble Statue by Barye Art

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 12" X Width 14"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 10"
Height without base:11"
Weight:15 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Embark on a journey of awe-inspiring wonder as you explore the captivating essence of the regal elephant through this extraordinary bronze sculpture. Transcending ordinary perception, this artwork magnifies the often overlooked allure of this majestic creature. As your gaze meets the sculpture, you'll be entranced by the striking countenance that graces its visage, framed harmoniously by the elephant's endearing and expansive flapping ears. The sculpture's focal point is its elongated trunk, a marvel of nature's design, elegantly coiled and reaching out with a sense of geniality, as if extending a graceful handshake. Its sleek brown patina enhances the intricate details of the elephant's robust and harmonious form, seamlessly blending grace with strength. Meticulously handcrafted, this masterpiece is forged entirely from 100% bronze, meticulously shaped through the revered "Lost Wax Method," an age-old technique synonymous with unparalleled precision and artistry. A true hallmark of authenticity, the signature of the distinguished artist, Barye, is proudly inscribed upon this masterpiece. Each contour and curve pays homage to the majestic elephant's inherent beauty, inviting you to embrace a deeper appreciation for this remarkable creature. Unveil a world beyond its stature and iconic trunk as you invite the splendor of this bronze sculpture into your space, a true testament to the profound enchantment that lies within the heart of the elephant.