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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 6.5" x Width 10"
Marble Dimensions: 10" X 5".
Height without base: 5.5"
Weight : 10 LBS
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Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
Sitting Elegantly With Her Long Dress Stretched Across Her Body, Showing Very Little Skin. She Wears An Extremely Intricately Detailed Leotard That Fits Her Skin Tight And Exposes Her Body In Certain Spots. She Has Sweet And Innocent Facial Details; On Her Head She Wears A Cap That Matches Her Leotard. This Elegant 1920'S Female Dancer Is Perfect For Any Type Of Art Deco Styled Theme And Is Sure To Be The Focal Point In Any Room. The Handmade Bronze Sculpture Was Cast Using The Archaic Method Of Lost-Wax Casting And Stained With A Brown Patina Finish For Perpetuation. She Is Mounted Upon A Black Marble Base With The European Bronze Finery Stamp Of Quality And The Artist Signature. Artist Was A Romanian Art Deco Era Sculptor Who Lived And Worked In Paris. The First Sculptures Of Artist Were Created In The Realistic Style And Were Exhibited At The Salon Of 1914. , Called Chryselephantine, To Great Effect. Most Of His Renowned Works Were Made Between 1914 And 1933. The First Series Of Sculptures Manufactured By Artist Were The Series Of The Children. The Mature Style Of Artist Took Shape Beginning In The 1920S. His Sculptures Are Remarkable For Their Bright And Outstanding Decorative Effect. Dancers Of The Russian Ballet, French Theatre, And Early Motion Pictures Were Among His More Notable Subjects And Were Typified By A Long, Slender, Stylized Appearance. His Work Was Influenced By An Interest In Egypt, After Pharaoh Tutankhamen'S Tomb Was Excavated.