Signed Abstract Prima Ballerina after Botero Bronze Marble Sculpture Figurine

SKU: YRD-224

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 17" X Width 9"
Marble Dimensions:4 1/2" X 4 1/2"
Height without base:16"
Weight:12 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Presenting an exquisite bronze sculpture that beautifully exemplifies the unique style of Botero, the renowned artist. This stunning piece portrays a ballerina, showcasing Botero's signature approach of exaggerating form. The voluptuous and curvaceous figure of the ballerina immediately captivates the viewer, inviting them to appreciate the smooth surfaces and tactile qualities of the sculpture. This artwork is a true treasure for any Botero enthusiast, as it perfectly embodies his mastery of capturing beauty in a distinct and captivating manner. The exaggerated proportions add a sense of charm and playfulness to the sculpture, creating a delightful visual experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sculpture was created using the ancient lost wax casting method, ensuring that every intricacy and nuance of the original artwork is faithfully preserved. This technique guarantees the highest level of precision and authenticity in capturing Botero's unique style. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, the sculpture is finished with a rich brown patina, lending a sense of depth and warmth to the piece. It is gracefully mounted on a solid black marble base, providing a stable and elegant foundation for display. The base proudly bears Botero's signature, further confirming its quality and artistic value. This beautiful bronze sculpture is a must-have addition to any art collection. Its distinct style, masterful execution, and timeless allure make it a captivating centerpiece. Embrace the essence of Botero's artistry and add this remarkable piece to your collection today.

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William Gapen
Bolero Ballerina in Bronzr

It is very nice quality. This will be my third bronze I have purchased from this company. I have been pleased with all my purchases. B Ontario Canada