Total Dimensions: Height 11'' x Width 11''
Approximate Weight: 7 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
The Wicked Pony was inspired by a past recollection of a western trip. During which Remington had witnessed a cowboy that had been thrown from a rank tempered bronc. He looked on as the cowboy attempted to tussle the animal to the ground by its ear, an unfair and dangerous match in which the cowboy was fatally kicked. Experiencing this event made a significant impression on Remington. He purposefully portrayed more expression and strain in this figures face than any before. The horse is depicted with extremely calculated positions in movement as if the artist was recalling a particularly drastic moment during this episode. He let almost two years lapse between the second and third bronzes. The sculpture was delayed because of concurrent projects and writing assignments surrounding the Spanish American War. The Art of Lost Wax
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