Real Solid Bronze Flamenco Dancer Sculpture Art Nouveau Figurine Lost Wax Decor

SKU: XN-2077

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 21" x Width 11"
Marble Dimensions: diameter 12"
Height without base: 20"
Weight : 30 LBS
Inventory 95XN237712059

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

This beautiful sculpture of a tango dancer will leave you in pure amazement and excitement. The stunning beauty really is gorgeous, her aqua dress flows down her body giving her the most elegant look, it cuts really low up front revealing most of her chest. Even without a partner she is still working the crowd as she sways her hips to the music, that is loudly coming out the speakers. She closes her eyes to stay in tune with the beat of the song and with both hands she holds each side of her exquisite dress up. Her hair is placed neatly in a low bun, with a gold head band to match her cute heels. This sculpture was cast using the ancient old "Lost Wax Method" stained in a brown patina finish for preservation. 100% handmade and 100% bronze, mounted atop a black marble base and signed by the artist J.Erte.