Original Aldo Vitaleh Michael Jackson Bronze Sculpture Figurine Marble Base Deco

SKU: YRD-855

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 16" x Width 8"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 8"
Height without base:15"
Weight : 12 LBS
Inventory 87YRD8556378
Original or Reproduction: Original

Celebrate the legacy of the King of Pop with this stunning bronze sculpture of Michael Jackson. Depicting him in his iconic Black and White music video, the sculpture captures the moment he ripped open his shirt and triumphantly thrust his fingerless-gloved hand to the sky. The detailing is exquisite, from the curly hair blowing back in the wind to the chains and belts adorning his pants. Crafted using the ancient "Lost Wax Method," this sculpture is 100% bronze and has a beautiful brown patina finish. It is mounted on a marble base for stability and has been signed by the artist, Aldo Vitaleh. Whether you're a fan of Jackson's music, dance, or fashion, this sculpture is sure to be a treasured addition to your collection.