Old Dragoons by Frederic Remington Bronze Statue Sculpture Western Country Art 16" x 34"

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 16" X Width 34"
Marble Dimensions:32" X 12"
Height without base:15"
Weight:92 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Experience the untamed allure of the American frontier with the remarkable "Old Dragoons" bronze sculpture. This magnificent artwork captures the essence of a classic Western confrontation, where mounted foes collide in a fierce battle for dominance. Mounted on their steeds, the riders lean forward in an intense display of determination and skill, as their horses charge forward with fiery energy. Every detail of this heart-pounding moment is expertly rendered, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrilling struggle. Handcrafted with meticulous precision, this sculpture is a testament to the artistry of the "Lost Wax Method." Cast in solid bronze, it exudes a timeless beauty and durability that will withstand the test of time. The sculpture is enhanced with a rich brown patina finish, which adds depth and texture to the piece, bringing it to life. Mounted on a solid marble base, it provides a solid foundation and elevates the overall presentation of the artwork. The signature of the esteemed artist, Remington, proudly adorns the sculpture, guaranteeing its authenticity and value. Invite the spirit of the Old West into your space with the captivating "Old Dragoons" bronze sculpture. Whether displayed in a home, office, or gallery, this piece will command attention and ignite the imagination of all who behold it. Embrace the rugged charm of the frontier and let this exquisite sculpture become the centerpiece of your collection.