Necking Horses Bronze Sculpture Statue Equestrian Barn Stables Farmhouse Decor

SKU: YDW-163

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 9" X Width 15"
Marble Dimensions:15" X 5.5"
Height without base:8"
Weight:17 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Works of art depicting the beautiful and elegant horse remain an extremely popular choice for visitors to Although the horse's contact with man stems back 30,000 BC, it was initially seen as a source of food. As time went on, however, man learned that the horse could be an extremely useful asset in everyday life. Whether the horse was used for transportation or simply to aid in hunting animals that man could not traditionally catch, this once-hunted creature became a valuable companion. The domestication of the horse was first seen around 3000 B.C. in China, where horse-drawn chariots were used in wars and invasions. The horse gained further recognition by the cowboys and American Indians of the Wild West who relied heavily on this creature for survival. In a more contemporary setting, the elegance of the sport of thoroughbred racing has put the horse on a pedestal above most other animals. European Bronze is proud to offer a large selection of horse statues, bronze horse sculptures, and horse head busts in many different sizes and styles. Please browse our horse statue gallery to discover the wide array of choices available. Among our collection is a bronzed metal figure of two horses on a ledge, signed by the artist Milo. This striking sculpture captures the dynamic spirit and beauty of these magnificent creatures, making it a perfect addition to any art enthusiast's collection or home decor. The depiction of horses in art has a rich and storied history, showcasing their importance and influence in various cultures throughout the ages. From their ancient significance in battles and transportation to their role in the Wild West and contemporary sports, the horse remains an enduring symbol of strength, elegance, and companionship. Explore our collection and discover the timeless beauty and grace captured in each stunning bronze sculpture.