Mars God of War Bronze Metal Warrior Statue Sculpture Figure on Marble Base 29" x 13"

SKU: YRD-237

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 29" x Width 13"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 13"
Height without base: 24"
Weight : 60 LBS
Inventory : 24Y23721042

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Behold the captivating bronze sculpture of Mars, the formidable military deity, magnificently brought to life with intricate detailing that emphasizes his imposing presence. Originally revered as the God of Spring and home protection in ancient Rome, Mars evolved over time to become the god of war and death. His influence is vast, reflected in the naming of the month of March and the planet Mars. This commanding depiction showcases Mars ready for battle, his left hand grasping a shield, exuding unwavering confidence. His visage, marked by high cheekbones and intense eyes, is framed by a remarkably ornate Roman helmet with a crest, while his robust curly hair adds to his commanding aura. The body armor adorned with sacred wolves, symbolizing his identity, further contributes to the sculpture's intricate allure. The elaborate kilt around his waist and the draped cloak behind him bestow a sense of grandeur upon this mythical figure. Invite this larger-than-life hero into your domain and honor his profound contributions to the history of the Roman Empire. A masterful bronze sculpture captures the essence of Mars, the preeminent military god, in stunning detail that elevates his presence to monumental proportions. Mars, initially revered as the deity of fertility and home protection in the early Roman era, underwent a transformative evolution into the god of war and death. The legacy of Mars extends even to the naming of the month of March and the planet that bear his name. This powerful portrayal depicts Mars in a resolute stance, his left hand firmly grasping a shield, projecting an air of unyielding determination. His distinctive features, characterized by bold cheekbones and penetrating eyes, are heightened by an opulently adorned Roman helmet adorned with a crest, and his voluminous, curling hair exudes strength. The intricate body armor featuring sacred wolves, closely tied to his identity, further enriches the sculpture's complexity. Draped in a regal kilt and billowing cloak, this depiction exudes an aura of majesty, inviting the essence of this mythological luminary to grace your surroundings and pay homage to his enduring impact on the annals of the Roman Empire. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of this bronze sculpture portraying Mars, the eminent military deity, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of his larger-than-life persona. Mars, initially revered as the guardian of home and fertility in ancient Rome, metamorphosed into the god of war and death over time. This transformation is echoed in the namesake of the month of March and the planet Mars. The sculpture presents Mars poised for battle, his left hand gripping a formidable shield, emanating an air of unwavering self-assuredness. His striking countenance, marked by commanding cheekbones and penetrating eyes, is framed by an exquisitely adorned Roman helmet with a crest, while his luxuriant, cascading curls add to his imposing demeanor. The intricate body armor adorned with sacred wolves, emblematic of his identity, imbues the sculpture with profound symbolism. Draped in an ornate kilt and flowing cloak, this portrayal radiates a sense of magnificence, inviting you to enshrine this legendary figure within your domain and honor his enduring legacy within the tapestry of the Roman Empire's history.