Male Bull Signed Milo Bookend Book End Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Statue Decor


Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 8 1/2" X Width 7"
Marble Dimensions:6.5" X 3.5"
Height without base:5 1/2"
Weight:8 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Presenting a captivating bronze sculpture that skillfully embodies the principles of expressionism, aiming to evoke a profound emotional experience. The sculpture's surface, adorned with lines and textures deliberately left somewhat unfinished, allows the bull's emotional essence to radiate, accentuating the contours of its form with a vibrant intensity. With an alert and defiant stance, the bull emanates an air of unyielding boldness, engaging the viewer with its piercing gaze. Symbolism abounds within this remarkable artwork, as the bull represents a myriad of qualities such as stability, virility, strength, and determination. Its presence also conveys notions of reliability, provision, peacefulness, and helpfulness, enriching the sculpture with layers of meaning that resonate deeply. Crafted using the ancient lost-wax casting technique, the sculpture pays homage to time-honored craftsmanship, while the brown patina finish serves both as a mark of preservation and an enhancement of its aesthetic allure. Resting atop a solid black marble base, this bronze masterpiece is a fusion of artistry and symbolism. The base provides a stable foundation for the sculpture's striking form, further accentuating its commanding presence. Bearing the artist Milo's signature, this sculpture not only embodies artistic excellence but also carries the imprint of its creator's identity. A compelling addition to any art collection, this bronze sculpture invites contemplation and appreciation of its nuanced emotions and symbolism.