Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture You got it by T. White Bronze Sculpture Figurin

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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions :Height 13.5" x Width 5.5"
Weight :7 LBS
Inventory : 25XNAB1156052

Original or Reproduction: Original
Gestures are the most direct body signals given while interacting with some one. These include the movement of the head (a tilt or nod), any noticeable shoulder movement (a shrug or lean in), hand movements, placing of feet. Note if there are any common gestures that the person tends to demonstrate. Look past the obvious! Notice their posture, is one leg always crossed over another, do they tend to look a certain direction more, etc. All of this can help you develop a baseline and, more importantly, identify when they stray from that baseline. This abstract Hand Gesture is Cast Using The "Lost Wax Method". 100% Handmade Bronze And Carefully Detailed This Is A Priceless Collector Edition Piece Of Work And Is Signed By Artist Moreau.