Napoleon Crossing the Alps Bronze Statue Sculpture Replica 12" x 10"


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SKU: YRD-461
Total Dimensions: Height 12'' x Width 10''
Approximate Weight: 12 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 15 1769 and died May 5 1821 he was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century. Napoleon was born in Corsica to parents of noble Genoese ancestry and trained as an artillery officer in mainland France. Bonaparte rose to prominence under the First French Republic and led successful campaigns against the First and Second Coalitions arrayed against France. In 1799, he staged a coup d`état and installed himself as First Consul; five years later the French Senate proclaimed him emperor. In the first decade of the nineteenth century, the French Empire under Napoleon engaged in a series of conflicts—the Napoleonic Wars—involving every major European power. After a streak of victories, France secured a dominant position in continental Europe, and Napoleon maintained the French sphere of influence through the formation of extensive alliances and the appointment of friends and family members to rule other European countries as French client states. The French invasion of Russia in 1812 marked a turning point in Napoleon`s fortunes. His Grande Armée was badly damaged in the campaign and never fully recovered. In 1813, the Sixth Coalition defeated his forces at Leipzig; the following year the Coalition invaded France, forced Napoleon to abdicate and exiled him to the island of Elba. Less than a year later, he escaped Elba and returned to power, but was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815. Napoleon spent the last six years of his life in confinement by the British on the island of Saint Helena. An autopsy concluded he died of stomach cancer, though Sten Forshufvud and other scientists have since conjectured that he was poisoned with arsenic. Napoleon`s campaigns are studied at military academies the world over. While considered a tyrant by his opponents, he is also remembered for the establishment of the Napoleonic code, which laid the administrative and judicial foundations for much of Western Europe. Here Napoleon is shown on his horse an is known as "Napoleon Crossing the Alps". His horse rears high in the air and his cape flows through the wind pushing it over his body giving him a regal and majestic look. This sculpture is a one of a kind and is definitely and impressive piece of work. This sculpture was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and has a brown patina and is signed Carpeux . It is mounted on a black marble base and is sure to draw an eye of all those around. It makes a great gift for a history buff or a political lover!
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What material are your sculptures made out of?

All of our sculptures are made from100% hot cast bronze, and handmade in the ancient lost wax casting method. We never sell cheap cold cast sculptures or resins!

What is the difference between hot cast and cold cast bronzes?

Hot cast bronze is created by pouring a molten metal mixture into a mold.  Before the metal can be poured, our artists must first create the mold on a medium such as clay, rubber, or wood.  Each mold allows for a limited number of pours, and therefore a limited amount of sculptures can be created in any given round of production before the mold is destroyed and the artist must create a new mold.

Cold cast is actually made from resins and plastics which are painted over. They are cheaper, lighter, and less durable.

Generally speaking, hot cast bronzes are very time consuming and limited in their production, whereas cold cast resins can be mass produced and are inexpensive to create.

Do you do custom work?

Custom work is available in some cases.  Please contact us with the details of the job.

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