Total Dimensions: Height 10'' x Width 6''
Approximate Weight: 5 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
The Title of this piece is called “JOLIE CHAT” which means Beautiful Cat.  It is made by the artist Franz Iffland, the piece has the artist’s signature and "Paris" inscribed on the underside of the chair. This is a vintage copy of the original which was made about 1890. This fine sculpture exudes joy and shows motion from every angle. It depicts the innocent joys of life simply as we know it. As the little girl sits in her chair, she playfully starts a game of peek-a-boo with her precious kitty.  The chair itself is plain with no intricate details, this give more attention to the main subject, the girl and her cat. Iffland truly masters motion with the creases in the little girls dress and her hair flying back with wild fun. She wears a contagious smile and gives the vibe of simple childhood happiness.  This piece is a delightful sculpture that will add a touch of innocence and fun to your office or home. Franz Iffland (1862-1935) exhibited his work at the Academy in 1886, 1888, 1890 and 1892. Iffland is listed in Thieme-Becker and Benezit. His auction prices can exceed $3,600. He is particularly known for his figures of children. The Berliner Bildhauerschule (Berlin School of Sculptors), included such Greats as Gottfried Schadow, Emil und Robert Cauer, Max Esser, Gustav Eberlein, Peter Breuer, Reinhold Felderhoff, Else Fã¼rst, Gerhard Janensch, Wolfgang Schaper, Ferdinand Lepcke, Paul Leibkã¼chler, and Ernst Waegener. They worked in close co-operation with the oldest bell foundry in Sinn - Hessen (Rincker, active since 1590), as well as, the oldest art foundry of Germany, Allim Hammer, in Lauchhammer - Brandenburg (active since 1726).
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