Jesus Christ The Redeemer Rio De Janeiro Brazil Statue Sculpture Figure Figurine 12" x 8"

SKU: EP-285

Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 13" X Width 8"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 4.5
Height without base:12"
Weight:7 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Original

Experience the profound reverence and divine grace captured in this bronze sculpture depicting Jesus of Nazareth. Believed to be the son of God and known for his miraculous resurrection after being crucified, Jesus holds a significant place in religious history. Inspired by the iconic "Christ the Redeemer" statue that overlooks Rio De Janeiro, this sculpture shares some similarities in its grandeur and symbolic significance. Clad in his traditional robe, Jesus extends his arms wide open, inviting all to find solace and refuge in his embrace. The sculpture beautifully portrays his compassionate nature, as he welcomes and protects his children. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sculpture is made of 100% bronze and meticulously crafted by hand. The renowned "Lost Wax Method" was employed in the casting process, ensuring the finest quality and intricate artistry. The sculpture stands on a marble base, adding to its elegance and stability. As a testament to its authenticity and artistic value, the sculpture is signed by the renowned artist, Milo. His skilled craftsmanship and deep understanding of capturing the human form bring life and reverence to this portrayal of Jesus. Display this extraordinary bronze sculpture in your home, place of worship, or any space that seeks to honor the spiritual significance of Jesus. It serves as a powerful reminder of faith, compassion, and the eternal love and protection offered by the Son of God.