Japanese MIYAMOTO MUSASHI 100% SOLID BRONZE STATUE katana samurai master

SKU: DS-085

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 10" x Width 6"
Marble Dimensions:Diameter 6"
Height without base: 9"
Weight :8 LBS
Inventory : 62DS0852226
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

This ancient warrior creeps up the muddy hill, stalking his enemy. Though he wears boots, his moves are stealth. He holds up a crossbow and lines his target. His brow furrows intensely with killer focus. He is all out of arrows, so this is his last shot. An empty sack hangs from his hip. His sword is slung at his side and a shield covers his back. He is covered in armor and wears a helmet that claps under his chin. Mud pushes out around his feet and a arrow, meant for his heart, lays beneath him. 100% bronze and handmade, this brown patina sculpture was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and mounted on a black marble base. It is signed by the artist Kamiko.