Greyhound or Saluki Racing Dog Bronze Statue Sculpture Figure on Marble Base 6" x 10"

SKU: AL-340

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 6 1/2" X Width 10"
Marble Dimensions:10" X 3"
Height without base:6"
Weight:7 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Nestled in a poised stance, this captivating bronze sculpture captures the essence of a Greyhound with an intriguing blend of elegance and intensity. With a subtle hunch, the Greyhound unveils a powerful growl, baring its sharp teeth, evoking a sense of anticipation and awe in both observer and prey. The sculpture masterfully portrays the Greyhound's lithe and agile physique, showcasing its flexible body, perfectly honed for the chase. Its hind legs are pressed towards the sky, embodying the imminent pounce, frozen in a moment of electrifying energy. Meticulously crafted using the esteemed lost wax method, this sculpture showcases the skill and artistry of its creator. Resting gracefully on a black marble base, it exudes a sense of refined elegance. The sculpture bears the signature of its creator, Carvin, adding a personal touch and authenticating its artistic provenance. This exquisite piece captures the dynamic beauty and primal essence of the Greyhound, making it an alluring addition to any collection or a striking centerpiece in any space that appreciates the essence of nature's raw power.