Fairy Angel Girl Clutching Heart Bronze Sculpture Statue Figure Love Valentine Decor

SKU: YRD-650

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11" X Width 6"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 5"
Height without base:10"
Weight:6 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Original

Let your imagination take flight with this enchanting bronze statue of a young fairy immersed in the power of love. Clutching a giant heart close to her chest, the fairy exudes an air of serenity and bliss. Her delicate wings, gracefully spread behind her, symbolize her connection to the magical realm. As she closes her eyes, she embraces the dreams and hopes that love has bestowed upon her. Adorned with intricate heart-shaped motifs on her arms, legs, and outfit, she embodies the essence of love and its transformative nature. This captivating sculpture depicts a heart fairy, a mythical being bestowed with the ability to attract a human male through the power of love. As the love is reciprocated, the fairy grows wings and blossoms into a radiant adult fairy, symbolizing the beauty and growth that love brings into our lives. The craftsmanship of this piece is truly remarkable, with exquisite details capturing the fairy's youthful charm and ethereal aura. Crafted with utmost care and precision, the sculpture is made of 100% bronze and stands proudly on a black marble base, providing a stable and elegant foundation for its display. Created using the esteemed lost wax method, this sculpture preserves the intricate details and nuances of the artist's vision. Each stroke and contour comes to life in the rich patina finish, enhancing the allure and timelessness of the artwork. The sculpture bears the signature of renowned artist Aldo Vitaleh, known for his mastery in bringing mythical and fantastical beings to life through his sculptures. This exquisite piece is a testament to his skill and artistic vision, making it a cherished addition to any art collection or a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the beauty and power of love. Embrace the enchantment of love and fantasy with this stunning bronze sculpture, and let its presence fill your space with warmth, magic, and the eternal beauty of heartfelt connections.