Elk Reindeer Attacked by Hunting Dogs Bronze Statue Sculpture Figure Barye 14" x 16"

SKU: YRD-317

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 14" X Width 16"
Marble Dimensions:16".
Height without base:13"
Weight:30 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

Step into the wild with this gripping bronze sculpture capturing a harrowing scene of survival as a brave elk faces off against a pack of wild dogs. The intensity of the moment is palpable as the canines surround the majestic elk, eager to tear into him from every angle. The elk, displaying resilience and strength, has his head bent, utilizing his antlers as a formidable defense against the relentless onslaught of the pack. This sculpture is a poignant depiction of the challenges and dangers that animals encounter in their struggle for survival in the untamed wilderness. This 100% bronze sculpture, meticulously crafted and set on a black marble base, serves as both a visual masterpiece and a reflection of the raw and unforgiving aspects of nature. The artist, Barye, captures the dynamic movement and tension in this wildlife encounter with exceptional skill. The use of the lost wax method ensures that every detail, from the powerful stance of the elk to the ferocity of the attacking dogs, is faithfully reproduced, making it an engaging piece for those who appreciate the intricacies of the animal kingdom. Ideal for hunters, nature enthusiasts, or anyone captivated by the untamed beauty of the outdoors, this sculpture brings a touch of the wilderness into your space. It invites contemplation on the delicate balance between predator and prey, the survival instincts that drive the inhabitants of the wild, and the indomitable spirit of the creatures that navigate the challenges of their natural habitat. Signed by Barye, this sculpture stands as a tribute to the artistry that captures the essence of wildlife in bronze.

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Cindy Marriott
Scottish Deerhounds attacking red deer.

This is a reproduction of a sculpture of George Gadet. It is of Scottish Deerhounds attacking a red deer. Since I have 4 Scottish Deerhounds, I love this sculpture.