Easter Bunny Rabbit Holding a Basket Bronze Sculpture Statue Figure on Marble Base

SKU: AL-249

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 5" X Width 3"
Marble Dimensions:3" X 3"
Height without base:4 1/2"
Weight:3 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Original

Embrace the charm and innocence of nature with this endearing bunny sculpture, a heartwarming addition to your home decor. The adorable rabbit gazes up with the gentlest expression, captivating anyone who beholds its sweet countenance. Clutching a tiny backpack basket brimming with flowers, this sculpture exudes a sense of whimsy and delight, making it an ideal accent for your own space or a thoughtful gift for a friend. With ears perked and attentive, the bunny remains vigilant, its long legs giving it an endearing stance as it stands on its own. The intricate facial features reflect the care and craftsmanship poured into its creation, resulting in a lovable character that radiates warmth. The sculpture captures a moment of pure innocence and joy, the bunny's subtle smile capturing the essence of its charming personality. Crafted using the renowned "Lost Wax Method," this sculpture preserves the intricate details of the bunny's form and the delicate petals of the flowers. The two-tone brown patina enhances the sculpture's lifelike quality, adding depth and texture to its appearance. Resting gracefully on a black marble base customized with European Bronze Finery's stamp of quality, this artwork stands as a testament to both the artist's skill and the bunny's enduring appeal. The signature of artist Milo adds an authentic touch to this heartwarming creation, ensuring its artistic value and uniqueness. Invite the spirit of spring and the simple joys of nature into your surroundings with this captivating bunny sculpture. Its enchanting presence and meticulous craftsmanship make it a timeless treasure, celebrating the beauty of the natural world in a delightful and heartening way.