Decarlo Royal European Man 100% Solid Bronze Art Deco Sculpture Statue Gift Sale

SKU: XN-0951

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 21 1/2" x Width 7"
Marble Dimensions: 7" X 7"
Height without base: 19"
Weight : 22 LBS
Inventory 79-X09519197
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

An elegant ancient European Man clasps his robes over his chest covering his body. His leg still peers through the side. He is classy, His face shows the wisdom that can only come with age and maturity. He stands barefoot feeling the ground on his skin. This 100% bronze sculpture is set on a tiered black marble base. The sculpture was crafted using the lost wax method. It is signed Dino Decarlo.