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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11.5" X Width 12.5"
Marble Dimensions:3" X 3"
Height without base:6.5"
Weight:9 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Original

Experience the captivating allure of "The Sitting One," an extraordinary abstract bronze sculpture. Renowned artist M. Nick expertly explores the essence of the human form, reducing the physiognomy attributes to their minimalistic essence. This intentional approach allows the prominent extremities to shine, seamlessly flowing and harmoniously connecting to create a captivating overall image. M. Nick's artistic vision extends to the sculpture's color design, where stronger accents play a pivotal role. The bronze female figurine boasts a captivating Dark Green patina, complemented by delicate gold accents. These carefully selected hues skillfully enhance the sculpture's overall impact, adding depth and visual intrigue. Resting gracefully on a dark marble base, this contemporary bronze masterpiece exudes elegance and sophistication. Adorned with the artist's signature, Mario Nick, this sculpture is a testament to his exceptional talent and artistic prowess. Invite the beauty of "The Sitting One" into your collection and let its enchanting presence captivate both art enthusiasts and admirers alike. With its green patina and striking gold accents, this sculpture is a striking statement piece that will elevate any space with its contemporary allure.