Bronze Hippopotamus Miniature Hippo Figure Statue Sculpture Collectible 7.5" x 5"

SKU: AL-276

Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 7.5" X Width 5"
Marble Dimensions:5" X 3"
Height without base:4.5"
Weight:6 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Original

This captivating bronze sculpture pays homage to the revered hippopotamus, a creature deeply intertwined with the spiritual and cultural heritage of Egypt and Africa. In both traditions, the hippopotamus is regarded as a symbol bridging the realms of spirit, art, and the healing properties of water. This Art Deco-inspired statue not only celebrates the significance of this magnificent animal but also offers a visually stunning portrayal that will enhance any space. Crafted with precision and care, this sculpture was created using the lost wax method, a process known for its ability to capture intricate details and textures with remarkable accuracy. The result is a lifelike representation of the hippopotamus, showcasing its powerful presence and unique features. Resting gracefully on a brown marble base, this sculpture is not only a testament to artistic craftsmanship but also a striking decorative object. Whether displayed at home, in an office, or as part of a sophisticated collection, this bronze hippo statue is a versatile and engaging piece of art. Its aesthetic appeal and cultural significance make it a standout addition to any environment. Plus, being signed by the artist Milo adds an extra layer of authenticity and value to this remarkable work of art.