Bronze Saint Bernard Dog with Puppies Hand Made Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture Statue

SKU: 94420

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition. Bronze Dimensions :Height 18" x Width 54" Weight : 110 LBS Inventory : 37-9442081073
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

As a show dog, the St. Bernard has existed since the 1880s. Gradually the breed has become heavier in build and bone, and less athletic. But it is only in relatively modern times that exaggerations in type have emerged in some show dogs. The breed as it exists now would struggle to do the demanding job it was bred for – although that could also be said about many modern versions of older breeds..This Bronze Sculpture was casted using the "Lost Wax Method". It has a multi color brown patina.This bronze sculpture is the perfect gift to give to a pianist and is signed by artist J.Mogniez.