Total Dimensions: Height 14'' x Width 8''
Approximate Weight: 12 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
A seasoned elder of his tribe, this Native American stands proudly as a symbol. This bust sculpture depicts a tribe leader, cloaked in a wool shawl and animal skin. The clothing of Native Americans was closely related to the environment in which they lived and their religious beliefs. They developed diverse styles of clothing depending on the region they lived in and the climate. Breechclouts, or loincloths, leggings, tunic shirts for men. But in the coldest areas, warm trousers, hooded anoraks and mittens protected people from freezing temperatures. Despite the vast differences in climate and clothing styles, Native Americans had in common the basic notion of living in harmony with nature. Most Native American people lived close to nature and believed that animals had spiritual powers and strengths. Many believed that by wearing parts of an animal a person could gain some of that animal`s power and strength. Wearing animal skins became more than just putting on a form of comfortable and durable clothing. It became a part of Native Americans` religious practice and a way to improve oneself. The animal they chose usually said something about them or a quality of that animal they sought to have. This Native American wears the head and skin of a bear on his head. Feathers hang along the sides of his face and a single feather sticks upwards. The amazing details of this handmade sculpture can be seen in his aged face. Every wrinkle and crease can be felt with a fingertip. His forehead, lined cheeks and mouth. His deep eyes hang low with all he has seen and experienced.He is the father to all, young and old. 100% bronze, this brown patina sculpture was cast using the "Lost Wax Method" and mounted on a marble base and is signed C.M Russell.
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