Art Noveau Decorative Business Card Holder Change Container Bronze Sculpture Figurine

SKU: YRD-1341

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11" X Width 12.5"
Marble Dimensions: Diameter 10"
Height without base:10"
Weight: 22 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Original

This captivating bronze sculpture presents a delightful and artistic composition that is sure to fascinate and charm all who behold it. A young girl takes center stage in this decorative masterpiece, where she reclines with an oversized, stylish plate resting gracefully on her lap. The sculpture portrays her as half-nude, with her flowing skirt cascading elegantly behind her. The plate itself boasts intricate and captivating designs that add an extra layer of visual appeal to the artwork. Positioned upon a sleek black marble base, this sculpture stands as a testament to the artistry of Fisher. The artist's signature on the piece not only authenticates its origin but also highlights its collectible value. The use of the revered "Lost Wax Method" in its creation ensures that every detail, from the girl's form to the plate's delicate designs, is meticulously preserved. This decorative sculpture offers a unique and artistic perspective, going beyond the conventional depiction of a woman in statuary. Its distinctive design and craftsmanship make it a striking addition to any collection or home decor. Whether displayed as a standalone piece or integrated into a larger art ensemble, this sculpture invites viewers to appreciate the fusion of creativity and elegance that it embodies.