Art Deco Russian Dancer Bronze Statue Demetre Chiparus Sculpture Marble 14" x 6"

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Condition:This sculpture is in perfect condition.
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 14" x Width 6"
Marble Dimensions: 6" X 4 1/2 ".
Height without base: 13 "
Weight :12 LBS
Inventory : 55B1805755

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

True to the Art Deco period, this sculpture is by Romanian-born and Paris-trained artist Demetre H. Chiparus (1886-1947), . THis graceful dancer, cast in designer bronze and set atop a faux marble base, is exquisitely hand painted complete with Egyptian symbols reflecting the periods fascination with the excavation of Tutankhamens tomb. Dimetre Chiparus was originally born in Rumania and exhibited his bronze works in high class galleries in Paris. His figurines and sculptures were based on the ballet and the theatre. His statues were always exquisitely detailed. The base formed a natural pairing to the sculpture becoming part of the design and form.