Miniature Hippopotamus Hippo Bronze Figure Statue Sculpture Collectible 6.5" x 5"

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Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 6.5" X Width 5"
Marble Dimensions:5" X 3"
Height without base:3.5"
Weight:6 LBS
Original or Reproduction: Original

Experience the awe-inspiring symbolism of the hippopotamus with our striking bronze statue. Revered in both Egyptian and African cultures, the hippo is seen as a connection to spirituality, art, and the healing powers of water. This Art Deco-inspired sculpture beautifully captures the essence of this majestic creature, offering a vibrant and captivating portrayal. Whether displayed as a decorative object in your home, office, or as part of a sophisticated children's menagerie, this statue is sure to leave a lasting impression. Meticulously crafted using the lost wax method, this sculpture embodies the timeless artistry of bronze craftsmanship. Resting gracefully on a black marble base, it exudes elegance and sophistication. The artist's signature, Milo, serves as a testament to the remarkable talent and skill poured into this piece. Allow the hippopotamus to bring a sense of sacredness, beauty, and connection to your space, evoking a deep appreciation for the rich cultural traditions that celebrate this magnificent creature. Embrace the spiritual and artistic significance of the hippopotamus with our exceptional bronze statue. This sculpture honors the profound symbolism associated with the animal in Egyptian and African traditions, offering a vibrant and compelling interpretation. Its decorative appeal makes it a perfect addition to any setting, whether you seek to infuse your home or office with a touch of cultural reverence or create a captivating display for children to explore and appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom. Crafted using the lost wax method and presented on a black marble base, this statue embodies the fusion of artistry, spirituality, and craftsmanship. Let the presence of this magnificent hippo inspire contemplation, appreciation, and a deeper connection to the natural world.