American Buffalo Bison Western Artwork Bronze Marble Statue Base Sculpture Gift

SKU: 94253

Condition:This sculpture is in perfect condition. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 10" x Width 11" Marble Dimensions: Diameter 6". Height without base: 9" Weight : 8 LBS Inventory:28-94253M7082
Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

This large bison stands looking over the cliff and looks far across the flat plains. He was born on his land and will die there. He migrates with his heard grazing and looking for watering holes. His massive chest is adorned with a thick matted fur that trails down his backbone and wrapping down his front legs and meeting on his underside. His horns are small but deadly with the brute force that he houses behind them. This sculpture has great detail that you can see in the muscle contour of his body and his thick fur. He has fine lines that define his fur, eyes and hooves each time you look at this sculpture you are sure to find new details each time you take a gander at this beautiful sculpture of this bison. He has a gorgeous multicolor brown, aqua and gold patina and is 100% bronze and this is a limited edition signed by artist Marius.