Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition. 
Bronze Dimensions :Height 3 1/2" x Width 3 1/2" 
Weight : 1 LBS 
Inventory 9815M25899 

Original or Reproduction: Original
This adorable figurine features an adorable representation of two turtles sharing a loving moment. The first turtle is crawling on top of the second one as the second turtle looks back at him. Western cultures have long seen the tortoise as symbolic of patience and wisdom under duress. Aesop’s fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare” is a celebration of the tortoise’s steadfastness in the face of the speedy hare. The turtle’s ability to escape danger by retreating into its shell has made it a powerful symbol of protection, healing, and inner knowledge. This piece can also be viewed as a marvelous representation of friendship and what it means to have that kind of special bond where one person can lean on another one. The details of this piece have been crafted in an extraordinary way that allowed the sculptor to truly bring it to life. This is truly a delightful piece, casted using the “Lost Wax Method”, founded thousands of years ago and is signed by artist Milo, ensuring an exquisitely detailed sculpture that will add grace and beauty to your business or home. Get one today for a close friend or reptile lover in your life.