Abstract Modern Art Original Kamiko Outlaw Cowboy Horse Gun Bronze Sculpture Art

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Condition: This Sculpture Is In Perfect Condition.
Bronze Dimensions With Marble Base:Height 15" X Width 12"
Marble Dimensions: 8" X 5"
Height Without Base: 14"
Weight : 19 Lbs
Inventory : 63Yrd11809636

Original or Reproduction: Original

Capture the rugged spirit of the Wild West with our stunning bronze statue, "The Outlaw's Standoff." This meticulously crafted masterpiece depicts a fearless cowboy in the heat of battle, gripping the reins tightly as he expertly fires a gunshot at his relentless pursuer. His unwavering composure on a swift galloping horse showcases the skill and determination of a true Western hero. This sculpture is a timeless tribute to the legendary figures of American history, whether they were outlaws, lawmen, or ranchers. Crafted using the intricate and time-honored lost wax method, it stands proudly on a sleek black marble base, making it a remarkable addition to any collection. Immerse yourself in the daring narratives of the Old West with "The Outlaw's Standoff," a bronze masterpiece that embodies the essence of frontier life. Crafted with precision using the lost wax method, this sculpture showcases a fearless cowboy skillfully navigating the treacherous Wild West landscape. With reins held tight and a gun blazing, he's no novice but a seasoned rider, embodying the spirit of those who shaped the history of America's frontier. This sculpture is a fitting homage to the magnificent tales of the American cowboy, standing proudly on a sleek black marble base that adds an air of sophistication to any space. "The Outlaw's Standoff" is more than a bronze sculpture; it's a piece of history that captures the bravery and tenacity of those who carved their names into the annals of the Wild West. The cowboy's determined stance on his fast-moving horse is a testament to the grit and resilience of the pioneers who tamed the frontier. This striking work of art is the perfect addition to any collector's trove, a tangible symbol of the American West's indomitable spirit.