Total Dimensions: Height 23'' x Width 31''
Approximate Weight: 35 LBS
Original Reproduction: Original
As her hair flows in the wind she melts away and become one with the sound of her music. She drags her bow across the strings of her violin and makes sweet music in return. Her eyes are closed, she is comfortable and relaxed. This is a very unique and intricate piece. With only one arm mounted to the base the bronze sculpture is held together piece by piece. When you look at the violin you can see the marks of the artist’s tools and her fingers are delicately pressing down on the strings. The arm extends to the hand which grasps the violin giving it support, off of the violin the other hand and bow come about and lastly her head and hair. It truly is a magnificent piece it’s almost as if she is swept away with her music. She gets lost and disappears into her music. There are great details in her hands and face, Her lips look so real that if you kiss her she just might awaken. This is a beautiful and eccentric piece. This sculpture is 100% bronze and is handmade and signed by Milo. It was casted using the “ Lost Wax Method” and has a Green patina. This Sculpture is perfect for the music lover in your life or the art lover in your life , don’t miss out and get this unique one of a kind sculpture today!
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Product Code: YRD-164
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