Total Dimensions: Height 13'' x Width 17''
Approximate Weight: 23 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
This amazing sculpture is of a Native American Hunter on his horse slaying a buffalo with a spear. He sits firmly on his trusted horse as it rears itself up and draws back his strong arms that hold his spear. He is wearing an elaborate headband with feathers from it covering the top of his head, a tooth necklace, pants with tassels and beautiful embroidery down the leg and moccasins. His hair is braided thickly down his back and on his belt he holds a knife he crafted to de-skin his prey. He respects the animal and will use every part of it to provide his town's people with clothing, meat and making use of everything from its body. He lifts up a long spear he made specifically to hunt the buffalo and raises it above the head of the beast. It has charged in his direction and caused his horse to rear up, giving him an advantage angle to take the buffalo's life in one quick motion. Although the warrior is in an intimidating situation he remains calm and confident which reflects in his face. He is a healthy middle aged man that is experienced in hunting and weaponry and trusted to be one of a few sent to bring home the buffalo. Handmade of 100% bronze and cast using the ancient Lost Wax Method . A two tone brown patina is used and the sculpture is signed Remington.
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