Signed Original Collector Edition Great Reza Shah Pahlavi Wall mount Sculpture S

SKU: YRD-1018-1
Total Dimensions: Height 8'' x Width 8''
Approximate Weight: 6 LBS
Original Reproduction: Original
Reza Shah Pahlavi, also spelled Riza Shah Pahlevi, original name Reza Khan (born March 16, 1878, Alasht, Mazanderan province, Iran—died July 26, 1944, Johannesburg), Iranian army officer who rose through army ranks to become shah of Iran (1925–41) and began the regeneration of his country Iran. Reza Shah the Great of Iran, Pahlavi I Father of the Nation and Creator of the Modern Iran Reza Khan was a true Republican, he wanted to establish a Republic in Iran and become the first president; however, the traditional combine institutes of the Persian Royal Courthouse, monarchists, Feudals and Shiite Mullahs saw their social classes benefits in danger and forced him to become a shah. Reza Khan desired to be the first president of Iran and reform Iran. His desire was for the people to elect one worthy president after another and revive Iran. Reza Khan wanted a Secular Republic to cut off the hands of the Shiite Islam from the government. Deep inside, Reza Khan despised the corrupt institutes of monarchy, feudalism and religion. The history would have been different and today’s Iran would have been heaven if Reza Khan had gotten his way! Unfortunately, the Monarchists, Mullahs and Feudals continued the tradition of dictatorship and eventually the Absolutist Monarchial Dictatorship gave birth to the Theocratic Shiite Dictatorship of the 1979. The Old Monarchist – Shiite Brotherhood tied Reza Khan’s hands and avoided the creation of the Democratic Republic of Iran; furthermore, they put Iran in a path of traditional tyranny which resulted in a Theocratic Dictatorship of IRI. Throughout the history of Iran, Monarchists and Mullahs have always gone hand in hand. Every time a true reformer wanted to develop a change, the Brotherhood of Monarchists and Mullahs have blocked it! If Reza Khan would have gotten his way, Iran’s destiny would have been different; Monarchy would seize to exist and IRI would have never been born! This sculpture was cast using the ancient old "Lost Wax Method" stained in brown patina finish for preservation. 100% handmade and 100% bronze and signed by the artist Kanaev.


What material are your sculptures made out of?

All of our sculptures are made from100% hot cast bronze, and handmade in the ancient lost wax casting method. We never sell cheap cold cast sculptures or resins!

What is the difference between hot cast and cold cast bronzes?

Hot cast bronze is created by pouring a molten metal mixture into a mold.  Before the metal can be poured, our artists must first create the mold on a medium such as clay, rubber, or wood.  Each mold allows for a limited number of pours, and therefore a limited amount of sculptures can be created in any given round of production before the mold is destroyed and the artist must create a new mold.

Cold cast is actually made from resins and plastics which are painted over. They are cheaper, lighter, and less durable.

Generally speaking, hot cast bronzes are very time consuming and limited in their production, whereas cold cast resins can be mass produced and are inexpensive to create.

Do you do custom work?

Custom work is available in some cases.  Please contact us with the details of the job.

Can I sell you one of my own pieces?

Unfortunately, we do not buy pieces from the public.  To ensure the highest quality, we only sell brand new pieces that we commission ourselves, or buy directly from artists and manufacturers we know and trust.

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