Lovely Vintage Austrian Vienna Bronze Horse With Fantastic Details & Workmanship

SKU: YDW-212
Total Dimensions: Height 11'' x Width 15''
Approximate Weight: 16 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
Introducing a captivating bronze sculpture that portrays the grace and elegance of a magnificent mare as she leisurely strolls through lush green fields, basking in the warm embrace of a sunny spring day. This stunning sculpture beautifully captures the mare's full-bodied form, showcasing her muscular and robust physique. Her mane cascades in long, flowing strands, adding an enchanting touch to her majestic presence. As she gracefully moves, her tail trails behind, almost grazing the ground, accentuating her serene movement. The sculpture is skillfully mounted on a base that depicts a grassy patch, evoking the sense of the mare being in her natural habitat, immersed in a verdant field. Crafted using the revered "Lost Wax Method," this bronze sculpture boasts a rich brown patina, lending it an air of timelessness and enduring beauty. Every detail is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring the uniqueness and artistry of the piece. To authenticate its origin and craftsmanship, this sculpture proudly bears the signature of the esteemed artist Mene. It is a testament to the artist's dedication and talent, adding to the value and appeal of this remarkable work of art. Experience the captivating allure of this 100% bronze sculpture, which harmoniously combines craftsmanship and nature's beauty. It is an exquisite addition to any art collection, allowing you to celebrate the grace and charm of these magnificent creatures in a tangible and timeless form.


What material are your sculptures made out of?

All of our sculptures are made from100% hot cast bronze, and handmade in the ancient lost wax casting method. We never sell cheap cold cast sculptures or resins!

What is the difference between hot cast and cold cast bronzes?

Hot cast bronze is created by pouring a molten metal mixture into a mold.  Before the metal can be poured, our artists must first create the mold on a medium such as clay, rubber, or wood.  Each mold allows for a limited number of pours, and therefore a limited amount of sculptures can be created in any given round of production before the mold is destroyed and the artist must create a new mold.

Cold cast is actually made from resins and plastics which are painted over. They are cheaper, lighter, and less durable.

Generally speaking, hot cast bronzes are very time consuming and limited in their production, whereas cold cast resins can be mass produced and are inexpensive to create.

Do you do custom work?

Custom work is available in some cases.  Please contact us with the details of the job.

Can I sell you one of my own pieces?

Unfortunately, we do not buy pieces from the public.  To ensure the highest quality, we only sell brand new pieces that we commission ourselves, or buy directly from artists and manufacturers we know and trust.

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