Total Dimensions: Height 11'' x Width 17''
Approximate Weight: 30 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
Chariots have been used as far back as far as 3000 B.C. The Romans favored them as ceremonial vehicles, convenient transportation, and as weapons. The Bronze Roman Chariot Statue depicts a warrior behind the chariots reins. This statue depicts a biga, which was style of Roman chariot that was pulled by two horses. The statue depicts a flat surface, simulating the ground, on which rests both the chariot and the horses that pull it. The two horses are yoked together in classic fashion, and both rear and stamp wildly, as though ready to break into a run. The chariot features spoke-wheels and consists of a flat platform with a semi-circle, waist high guard that is decorated with elegant designs. The charioteer stands ready behind the guard, holding the horses reigns while wearing a Roman warriors garb, including a war skirt. The statue is crafted entirely in Hot cast bronze, and sits on a black marble base and signed by artist H.Muller.
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