Capitoline Wolf Bronze Statue Sculpture Romulus & Remus Rome Roman 16" x 23"

SKU: 56268

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 15 1/2" X Width 23"
Marble Dimensions:17 " X 10"
Height without base:14 1/2"
Weight:40 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

The statue itself features a captivating two-toned patina, skillfully blending dark hues with an antique rustic green to enhance its intricate detailing and create an authentic aged effect. This remarkable sculpture depicts a powerful she-wolf in a resolute standing position, proudly guarding two infants. The artist has meticulously crafted the piece, emphasizing a voluminous mane around the wolf's neck and spine while highlighting her pronounced ribs and alert upright ears, which enhance her protective stance. The she-wolf's unwavering presence serves as a shield, protecting the boys from harm. Romulus and Remus, the two infants nestled under her watchful gaze, are portrayed in a touching manner. One of the boys is depicted sitting with his palms up beneath her breasts, his mouth positioned just below her nipple, while the other child kneels, also with upturned palms. Together, they exude a sense of joy, reveling in the nourishment provided to them. The artist's attention to detail captures the innocence and dependence of the children alongside the strength and guardianship of the wolf. This remarkable sculpture is elegantly presented on a square slab of bronze, providing a stable base. The sculpture's significance is further enhanced by an exquisite gold engraving of the names "Romulus and Remus" on its surface. Created using the renowned "Lost Wax Method," this sculpture boasts a stunning two-tone patina, elevating its visual appeal and artistic value. This limited edition piece is signed and numbered by the artist Milo, ensuring its authenticity and exclusivity, making it a prized addition to any art collection.