At Bronzhaus, we take great pride in curating a collection that celebrates the world's most renowned artists. This week, we're turning the spotlight on Frederic Remington - a pivotal figure in American art, known for his vibrant depictions of the Old West.

Experience the thrill of the frontier through Remington's most popular sculptures, each one telling a story of adventure, resilience, and spirit.

Please note that we carry most of these sculptures in multiple sizes, but we are linking only the most popular sizes below. Other sizes can be found by entering the title of the sculpture into our search bar.

  1. Bronco Buster - This iconic work captures a cowboy in the midst of taming a wild bronco, embodying the raw courage and determination of the Old West. [View here]

  2. Cheyenne - A powerful representation of a Native American warrior riding his horse into battle, showcasing bravery and vigor. [View here]

  3. Mountain Man - Detailing the perilous descent of a fur trapper down a steep incline, this piece is a testament to the rugged endurance of the frontier pioneers. [View here]

  4. Trooper of the Plains - Honoring the tireless commitment of cavalrymen, this sculpture portrays a soldier at the ready, showcasing disciplined strength and duty. [View here]

  5. Buffalo Signal - Depicting a Native American scout signaling the sight of buffalo, this work captures a critical survival practice in a fascinating display of tribal communication. [View here]

  6. Arizona Cowboy - This piece shows a cowboy in action, perfectly capturing the wild, adrenaline-filled ride of a rodeo event. [View here]

  7. Will Rogers - A tribute to the famed American humorist and social commentator, this sculpture brings to life Rogers' witty, friendly spirit. [View here]

  8. Outlaw - A dramatic representation of a horse bucking its rider, the Outlaw symbolizes the constant struggle and resilience of life in the Wild West. [View here]

  9. Wooly Chaps - With intricate detailing of the unique wooly chaps worn by cowboys, this sculpture epitomizes the distinctive style of the Old West. [View here]

  10. Bronco Twister - Depicting the dangerous yet exciting act of bronco twisting, this piece encapsulates the audacious spirit of the frontier. [View here]

  11. Scalp - This intense work portrays a warrior in the heat of battle, offering a glimpse into the fierce conflict and bravery of Native American culture. [View here]

  12. Wounded Bunkie - A heartfelt depiction of camaraderie and loyalty, as a soldier attempts to rescue his injured comrade amidst the dangers of battle. [View here]

  13. War Chief - This powerful sculpture of a Native American chief ready for war represents leadership, courage, and the indomitable spirit of the tribal warriors. [View here]

  14. Rattlesnake - The dramatic tension between a cowboy and a rattlesnake is frozen in time, highlighting the constant dangers lurking in the Wild West. [View here]

  15. Bolter - Showcasing a horse in mid-flight, the Bolter symbolizes the wild, untamed beauty and energy of the Western frontier. [View here]

Each of these handcrafted pieces brings the drama, spirit, and life of the Old West into your living space. Visit today to explore our exclusive collection of Frederic Remington's stunning bronze sculptures.

Bring home a piece of the Wild West!

Max Carver
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