Embrace the Majesty of Horseback Sculptures: Top 12 Picks from Bronzhaus

Welcome to our curated collection of horseback sculptures, where the grace of equine form meets the grandeur of bronze artistry. Each piece captures a moment in time, a blend of historical significance, and mythical wonder. Dive into our top 12 picks that celebrate the essence of power and freedom.


Samurai Spirit: The Japanese Samurai Warrior on Horseback captures a noble warrior mid-battle. Its dynamic pose and intricate detailing pay homage to the samurai's skilled artistry in warfare. 

Knight's Valor: Experience medieval bravery with the Chivalrous Knight on Horseback. Mounted on a sturdy steed, this knight is a symbol of honor and chivalry.

Empire's Icon: Stand with the legendary Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps, a tribute to a defining moment in history, frozen in time through skilled craftsmanship.

Wild West Adventure: The Bronze Western Cowboy Gunslinger evokes the untamed spirit of the Old West, a lone ranger forever riding through the rugged frontier.

Amazonian Echoes: Our Nude Amazonian Female Warrior sculpture is a fierce depiction of feminine strength and the untold stories of mythical heroines.

Cowboy Lore: The Country Western Wild West Cowboy on horseback brings to life the tales of cowboys, an emblem of Americana and the heart of cowboy culture.

Faithful Journey: Celebrate the bond between man and animal with the Genuine Solid Bronze Cowboy, a testament to the companionship and loyalty that defines the Western landscape.

Warrior Princess: The Hippolyta Amazon Warrior Princess stands proud, a bronze effigy of empowerment and elegance from an age of myths.

Chief's Pride: With the Original Thomas Indian Warrior Chief, tradition meets art in a powerful representation of leadership and heritage.

Peaceful Warrior: The James Fraser Peace Native American Indian on horseback is a striking figure, symbolizing the quest for harmony and understanding.

Rustic Leap: A cowboy's skill is on full display with the Cowboy on Horseback Hopping a Fence, capturing the essence of agility and the spirit of the rodeo.

Romantic Ride: Finally, the Bronze Figure Sculpture of a Couple on Horseback by Julius Schmidt


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Max Carver